2015 year of hope



This is a time between Christmas and New Year. That is between Christmas and New Year so we celebrate it. We have entered a new year 2015. My wish for this year is peace and that people can stop shooting at each other but lay down their arms. My wish is that we must be better than what we have now. Economically it is close to a disaster for us.

I wrote earlier blog about the price of food. I wrote how expensive everything had become. The price of tablets and medications have become so tall that most can not afford to buy such anymore. It’s very cold outside and I fear that we shall be sick and have a fever. Happens we must do without tablets and medicine, we can not afford to buy such.

I often think about what‘s going to happen. Perhaps it will be completely collapsing in Ukraine’s economy. What happens then? Shall we suffer even more? One thing is to live in uncertainty just a mil from the front in the war. It makes somehow that we can not move as before. We know not strictly who controls our city about one week or one month. But far worse is the fact of not knowing what we will eat tomorrow.

I apologize if I’m negative. Actually I otimist. But I am worried, especially above my son of 6 years. What an upbringing of war limit means I do not think we know someone. But one thing is certain it is not good for some children.

Therefore, it is so nice that we have some days when we can celebrate traditions. Christmas and New Year are such days. Especially for children‘s Christmas and New Year important. They have something to look forward to look forward to.

Hope you will experience a peaceful year everyone in Norway. My hope is that it will be a year where weapons are laid down either in Ukraine, Iraq or any other place.