About me

My name is actually something other than Valentina, but prefers to go by that name here on this blog. I am a woman who is a little over 40 years old and lives in Rubizhine located inLuhansk region. I have two children, one adult male and a boy who is almost 5 years. My husband died two years ago. Rubizhine is not part of Lugansk People’s Republic. In fact it was Lugansk People Republic, which controlled our city intill summer, when Kyiv took it back. I want to remain part of Ukraine. Our city has really been lucky and not had the same hard fighting as some other cities. But in the summer there were also fights in our city. when I decided that me and the boys were going out of town and a village where it was quieter. We stayed in a tent there for a few months and first went back at the end of september. We got help from people who lived in the village, among other things, we got access to water. But lying in the tent so long is not fun and we were delighted when we could travel back to our apartment.

The biggest problem here in the past has been electricity. Current has been taken often and it has been taken in optill 18 hours in one day. But we were told a few dayssince that Rubizhine would get electricity from another line, so the last few days there have been a lot better. Some say that the electricity was taken because there are lines here throughareas controlled by separatist. It is said that Kyiv authorities will not let them get the benefit of electricity and that was the reason why it was cut so often.If it is correct I do not know. It is not important to me. I am a mother and I have a small child. We need electricity.Another big problem for us is money. Everything here has been much more expensive. Probably because the dollar has risen. The fact that the Ukrainian authorities say they have frozen the socialbenefits that Ukrainian citizens one day, they will pay all that has accumulated over some time, and how much time it will last, they do not indicate. Do not you think it‘s weird? andyet, they explain their actions, the terms of the EU, and in this I think, because I have read the terms that Ukraine could be in Europe, this is the terrible conditios that demean People.

I can hear the bang and artilleri far away. It is about 60 km to where it is fighting now. A year ago, I showed what arteleri was, now is such sounds a part of everyday lifebut fortunately sounds far away from us. We are aware that the war can come here again. I‘ve done that all mothers do in such a situation, planning what we are going do. Should war come here again as we travel enough back to the village where we were before. Now we obviously do not live in tents there, but we have acquaintance and we can beon the floor. Only we have to live with arteleri and shot around us.Sometimes I think of my late husband. Thank god for that he died before the war. Imagine if I had him in bed too. Imagine how much worse it would be for him to left this earth knowing that we were in a war. But I miss him from the time he was healthy. When he was a strong man and a support for me. Now I feel alone.Yes, I have an adult son, but it is not a spouse.