About Russians and Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia

Hello in Norway.

Odd asked me to write a little on his blog. First I want to tell a little about myself. I called Oleksandr, I live now in Khrakov. Actually, I was born in Rivne in the west of Ukraine, but moved to Khrakov for about 3 years ago when I got a job here.

Now I’ll do something difficult. I’ll try to explain a little about Ukrainians compared to Russians. Then we need to distinguish between ordinary Russians population and the political power in Moscow. I’ll explain.

Before 2014, we mentioned the Russians as our sisters and brothers. There is a description that fits into ordinary Russians. Our Slavic brothers and sisters are close to us. I believe you in Norway have the same emotions with Sweden. Russia is also the country most Ukrainians have visited outside our own country. In part, we have common history and many of the same problems. Win over Russia in football and in other sports is something we like. To lose them in football or any other sport is a big pain. But not so well with all nations? I do not think Norway likes to lose in football for Sweden? A battle of life in a war seemed unthinkable a few years ago. Then a fight on the football field unimportant.

Relations between Ukraine and the Kremlin is on an entirely different way. Ukrainian culture and language is attempted extinct. By not teaching the Ukrainian language and by suppressing our culture. The aim was to obliterate nasjonalism who was and is strong in Ukraine. The Kremlin has through all times seen Ukrainian nalisme as a problem. The period after the Russian Revolution and World War 1 was an attempt to gather Ukraine into an independent country. Altogether Finally, Ukraine was split between Russia and Poland in 1920, to try to unite Ukraine was unsuccessful.

Ukraine was important for the Soviet Union, especially for the production of the Crown. In 1932 – 1933 we got the great famine. How many people died, nobody knows. Figures from 3 million to 14 million in various sources. Most likely died around 7 million. This was a planned famine in Ukraine. The cause of famine is that agriculture would create rural collectives by force. The farmers would not, but the Kremlin would streamline agriculture. Major requirements for the amount of corn that were produced did that all the corn disappeared from the area. 3.4 million tons of crown was ekspotert away from Ukraine in 1932. The people starved and died. Avian lay in the streets, exhausted and died of starvation. This should never have happened, the disaster was a means of ethnic cleansing of Ukrainians or an attempt to control us. Imagine how many 7-8 million people is, each 8 Ukraine died of starvation.

Attempts to put you in the shoes of Ukraine in the late 1930s. The Great Famine was only a few years earlier. When starting the World War. The people of Ukraine had no confidence in the Kremlin. Perhaps as many in Germany as a country that could help them become independent. Ukrainian nationalists went along with Germany and Germany took eventually Ukraine. What then happened is a black chapter in Ukraine’s history. There lived many Jews in Ukraine before the war, particularly in Western Ukraine. In Rivne which is the town I come from was about 50% Jews. None survived the war. May God get brought my regret to all the Jews on behalf of the Ukrainian people.

The murder of Jews is used by the Kremlin to tell that all Ukrainians are Nazis. Obviously, this is not right. The vast majority would be free from the Soviet Union. Nationalist The cooperation with Germany was a mistake. But Ukrainians would not risk experiencing such a famine again. Becoming an independent country without being controlled from the Kremlin was the dream, hardly a Nazi mindset.

I hope you understand that relationship to ordinary Russians have been good, while the relationship with the Kremlin has always been poor. Ukraine has been very important for Russia. The question we might ask is whether in fact ordinary Russians support Kremlin. Do they really know what is happening in Ukraine. Is Russian propaganda so strong that Russians actually think that there are no Russian troops in Ukraine, killing its Slavic brothers. It may also be that they believe in the Russian propaganda that there are Nazis who stand behind what they refer to as a coup. It is possible that the Crimea and the Donbas forever will remain Russian after this. But the price for Russia is a high. They have lost the sympathy of the majority of Ukrainians. It can not be won back for many generations.