Better times

Peace in Ukraine

Peace in Ukraine

It’s a long time since I last wrote a blog. The reason is that it takes time and it is not easy to find something to write about. I promise to be more careful to write from now on.

Since last it has happened a few things here in Lugansk. As you probably know is Rubezhnoe in the part of Lugansk currently under Ukrainian control. We have not really noticed anything to war for a while. In winter we heard some shooting and explosions in the distance, but never something that we really can say threatened city. This fall has been noticeably quieter throughout the Lugansk and Donetsk. This leads us to believe that fighting ends eventually.

Lately, several companies ceased its activities during the war resumed. We note that the area is about to wake up after a long sleep. Optimism among people start to get better. Since I teach children to draw, I find also that it is now easier to teach children than one year ago. I have far more students now than one year ago.

What is not so good is that the entire region is divided. Some live in the Ukrainian-controlled area and others in the section separatists controls. This means that friends and family are separated. I have many friends and also family living on the other side. In many ways it reminds a bit of Berlin during the time the city was divided between DDR and the rest of Germany. We have indeed no visible barrier between us but an invisible. If it succeeds to unite these two parts again is not certain. Minsk agreement says that there should be united, but I feel it is far ahead there, very far.

The people here are also divided on how they would prefer to belong. Some are happy that Rubezhnoe still part of Ukraine, some will prefer it if it were part of the separatists controlled section and still others would prefer that the entire area should be part of Russia. The conflict in Ukraine over the past two years has split the people. This is a division that can last for years. But the main thing is that there is now peace here, we live a more normal life than previously, it is especially important for children who grow up. No child should grow up in fear that a war causes. No child should grow up in a basement while it explodes around them. To gather people and make the land a device is something everyone must contribute, same which side they have been in conflict.