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Oleksandr En mann født1982 i vest Ukraina. Har de siste årene jobbet i Khrakiv, øst i Ukraina.

What happens after World Cup 2018?

In a year, it is the football world cup in Russia. I’m a little scared. Not for soccer and not for the World Cup, but now after. What will happen after the World Cup? Is there the possibility of international boycott that is the reason why Russia has not gone to war against the whole …

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Just passports to Europe

It is a day that is a symbol of most Ukrainians. 11 June 2017. We can travel to the Schengen area without a visa. We can not take work, it is limited to travel as tourists. Actually, it is not important in this context. The most important thing is that we are part of Europe …

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3 friends from Lugansk

When I got married for a week, one of my wife’s best friends was missing. Valentina her other friend from Lugansk was in our wedding. Actually, I could call this story of «the war as split» or «where is Inna». But I chose to use the title 3 friends from Lugansk. It was a week …

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Russian influence in Donbas

The areas in the Donbas controlled by the Sepratists are moving increasingly from Ukraine. It’s easy to see. Russian money is used. Russian is the language they use at the schools. It can be seen Russian TV, Ukrainian TV should be blocked. Most aid organizations are Russian. The food in the stores is Russian. Recently …

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Tunnel of love

In the next month I’m going to marry Lesya. Why I write about this on the blog I’ll explain a little. I actually comes from Rivne in Western Ukraine, but has lived and worked for a time in Khrakov in east Ukraine. There I met Lesya. In October we were both visiting my family in …

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People talking about

At work, at home and where we might otherwise walk in the street in Kharkov or other cities in Ukraine, we hear people talk. It is spoken economy, corruption and war. There are many rumors and sometimes even the simplest story get new content. I shall reproduce any of this and start with what my girlfriend Lesya …

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About Russians and Ukraine

Hello in Norway. Odd asked me to write a little on his blog. First I want to tell a little about myself. I called Oleksandr, I live now in Khrakov. Actually, I was born in Rivne in the west of Ukraine, but moved to Khrakov for about 3 years ago when I got a job …

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