Children in war



On Tuesday was my youngest son 6 years. We celebrated his birthday by my sister came to visit and brought gifts to him. My sister also had a bottle of wine that we adults drank while we talked about everything as only women can do.

Some of what we talked about was the kids who grow up here and what the war will do with them. The city where I live is so not far from areas where there is war. We hear bangs of grenades and sometimes we can also hear shots from a rifle We see tanks and soldiers occasionally, but really it’s quiet here now after the city was conquered back by Ukraine in August.

Me and my sister talked about the way the war has changed juvenile way to play. Previously they played football and played just as we did when we were young. Now they play war. The toys that they shoot at each other with sticks or else they have. Some also have gotten hold of helmets that they have on their heads. What we talked about is what war does to children’s perception of life. How much is life worth? When the children in Rubizhine is so affected by war, how much are then children in other cities where fighting has been much harder affected? What will this do to the children‘s psyche, they noticed this the rest of my life?

We women think enough on family and children all the time, especially in such times that we are experiencing now. Knowing that children grow up in an environment where war and terror prevails despair. We talked both about this, we are afraid. Not afraid for ourselves but save for their children’s future. The children in our city are clearly affected. Imagine then how much worse children elsewhere in east Ukraine must experience life.

Me and my sister prayed to god. May our prayer be heard. Had hated yield to human sense. Had adult human urge to fight had to tape the children’s needs for a safe childhoo