Corruption in Ukraine and Russia

Corruption in Ukraine and Russia

Today I came home from the hospital. I got a fever and felt released a few days. Then I went to the doctor and he put me into the hospital. I was sent home from the hospital today with the message that I was fresh again . This is my story. Today the story is not about me and my stay at the hospital. But my deceased husband’s stay in the hospital the last months of his life.

We shall 3-4 years back in time. My husband had cancer. Like all other ladies I will do everything for the last time will be best for my husband and preferably I would believe in miracles. My story is about a system that everyone in Ukraine and Russia know. You have to pay bribes for what you really are entitled.

I do not know how much there is of such things in Norway, but I refuse to believe that there could be so much corruption as we have in Ukraine. Often it seems as if the system is designed so that anyone should be able to exploit it. For a real woman who does everything for her husband and who knows that his life is full of pain it is easy for a corrupt doctor at a hospital to exploit. We know it when we pay corruptions that we are being exploited. The alternative is not to be noticed. Option for my husband were to die a painful death. Now he die with less pain at least a long time. He received medication that relieved the pain and perhaps also extended his life. The price for this was that I had to sell our car and use it mostly I served for a period to get drugs. I also had to borrow money to afford medications to my husband. But any woman who loves her husband would have done the same.

After my husband’s death was not only missed by him that was hard for me. I look also with everything I had used in a hope to save him or at least alleviate his pain. There is no excuse for those women who do everything for her husband. But there are no unskyldinger for those who exploit these women. For me it was a life of happiness with my beloved husband changed. I was now alone with a little boy and had sold much of what we had and acquired debt.

A life of summer vacations in the Crimea and Odessa were now become a life where it was all about survival from day to day. Thank god that my beloved husband did not die during this war that is now in east Ukraine. He died with worries enough about their family’s future.

If there is something people here are annoyed as there corruption and a system and bureaucracy that are built so that corruption should be exploited. Whether we are Ukrainians or Russians we are tired of corruption. The clock finished but a part of our life.