Daily Life in Rubezhnoe

It’s Wednesday in mid-November. It‘s freezing out there, even today it rained. The narrow windows on our 10 floor in the living room. Fortunately works warming well now, if we had been without electricity had now become very Cold.

About the situation in Rubezhnoe. I do not even know what to say. The situation is very tense. People of course do not show it, but in their hearts very are experiencing such grief that may befall them.

News from Donbas every day is getting worse and worse. Sometimes it seems that the Ukrainian army did not want to deal with the deep-rooted evil that there is lodged, wich causing thousands of people to suffer. The terrorists are very strong, they have the latest Russian equipment and trained people. Deal with them every day becomes more difficult. They brainwash people in the occupied territories, makes them believe that they are liberators…

I believe that any means of media is evil. Our Ukrainian media so ably set up against each other people of east and west. And now a half the country hates the other half of the country. And it is so easy to convince them that the separatists is good. My biggest fear is that Donbas will be the second Transnistria. After all, history is repeating itself exactly to the details.

Recently, major hostilities does not passon the territory. And while the terrorists do not come. But the war is felt far beyond the borders of those places. For example a lot of military around, military vehicles on the streets, roadblocks at the exits to the city. For example I can not visit my friends in Donetsk, not because I’m afraid of the bombing, and due to the fact that my registration in Rubezhnoe simply will not let me enter to the city and it is quite possible they will think that I am some scout and put me in the basement. It’s all very sad. And we are very much afraid that in spring scale begin with a bang. But still I belive that everything will be good.

No, we‘ve not easy. A winter comes with uncertainty. But it also comes with the hope of peace. Our Christmas and New Year celebration coming in January, we dare not think about it again. Here, every day is a struggle.