What happens after World Cup 2018?

In a year, it is the football world cup in Russia. I’m a little scared. Not for soccer and not for the World Cup, but now after. What will happen after the World Cup? Is there the possibility of international boycott that is the reason why Russia has not gone to war against the whole of Ukraine?

We remember back to the Winter Olympics 2014. The whole world’s eyes were aimed at Sochi. A winter Olympics to show the world how amazing Russia is. But above all, it should show the Russians where something they could be proud of, which they could bring in the construction of their national feelings. Soon after the Olympics, Russia invaded the Crimea and subsequently played large parts of eastern Ukraine. The invasion of the Crimea came surprisingly in Ukraine, in the east, Ukraine was better prepared. This made the situation far more difficult for Russia. Ukraine could not be taken with unidentified soldiers. There had to be great strengths. Ukraine had stopped Russians most places in the east. Khrakiv, the city I live in is one of the places the rebels were thrown out.

Then I come to know why I’m afraid. My fear may be exaggerated, maybe I’m right. Time can show. But it is possible that after the World Cup, Russia will make what has been the plan all the time. They occupy all or major parts of Ukraine. Such an operation was practically impossible between the 2014 Olympics and the World Cup in football 2018. The international boycott of Russia’s football World Cup would be highly likely. Russia has done its preparations. Large amounts of heavy military equipment are partly inside Ukraine and partly across the border.

This is not what we are talking about daily. The thought is my own. The possibility that I’m wrong is hopefully great. But the fear is there. The fear that Russia will take the whole of Ukraine or at least the areas east of the river Dnepr. Or maybe the areas that Sepratists dream about should belong to New Russia.

An explanation is required for such an operation. It is not common to find an explanation to justify such actions. Defend the Russian population has been used earlier. Russia defines this population as everyone who speaks Russian. It’s as wrong as saying that anyone who speaks English is English or anyone who speaks Spanish is Spaniards. That many in Ukraine speak Russian means that Russia tried to make all Ukrainians to Russians. An attempt through many years to kill Ukrainian language and culture. I really do not hope that the rest of the world believes in this. Another possible explanation may be to stabilize Ukraine. It’s really a bargain to put in Russian-friendly people. Yes, Russia has attempted to destabilize Ukraine ever since February 2014. The problem for Russia has been that, despite trying, Ukraine has not been destabilized. We have been opposed, despite economic and military problems.

Football World Cup 2018 may be the start of the end of Ukraine as an independent state. Putin’s dream of reviving the ancient Soviet empire lives among many Russians. Ukraine is the country this dream has met the strongest resistance. Yes, Russians and Ukrainians are Slavic people. But we are different countries with different cultures. The war in Lugansk and Donetsk have done one thing. Ukraine has traveled a different way than Russia. Unlike the moon that leaves the earth slowly, Russia has made that Ukraine has abandoned its Slavic brothers and sisters quickly.