Help us


My Norwegian friends.

Since I wrote here last fighting has come closer. We are not directly affected, but we feel that it is a matter of time before our city again being hit by bombs and gunfire.
But once again it is the people I want to write about. We who live here and experience the war. Some might think that we can move away. To a place that is not in front. We can do, but I believe it is important to think a bit too. I have my job here and I do not get as much money anymore. After it has been cut down I get about the equivalent of 100 dollars a month in salary. The pension I have after my one died is stopped and the I have not been in many months. Therefore $ 100 a month is what I have. I also have a 19 years old son who serves little and helps to buy some food. But it is not enough for a lady with a son of 6 years.

My profession is a teacher of drawing. I have lessons for young children to teach them to draw. Previously I had also private lessons that I gained most of my monthly salary. But now there are few or no pay. People can not afford anymore. But I still have private lessons, but now it is so that if someone can afford to pay as they do. I can not deny kids in the situation is now. It’s not the kids’ fault what happens. I believe it is important for them to get something positive to do, therefore I’m working on free drawing lessons.

Humanitarian aid arrives. The only problem is that it’s going to stores and are sold as ordinary goods. Corruption is not improved here by Yanukovych. On the contrary, it has become much worse. Those who reigns here now ensures food coming and that would been awarded to people coming to the stores so that anyone can make themselves richer hungry rules. Our Prime Minister said in an interview on television that to receive assistance from the IMF will be suicide. They require reduction in the social benefits, some benefits we get. Where the money ends I do not know.

For those who send aid to us it is certainly well meant. But ATO that controls here are corrupt. They take help for themselves and sell it to the shops. To say something Board powers in my town do not like is the same as to be thrown in jail. People get thrown in jail for saying something they do not like. We live here without food and with a regime that does not care about people. A regime that is totally corrupt.

A little hope for you. Do not rely on that help arrives. It does not. To give relief as is being done now is to help the shops, the people are just hungry. Soon people die of hunger.