My plan for peace

Peace in Ukraine

Peace in Ukraine

The last few days we have noticed that the front line approaching our city. We notice more military activity and hear explosions in the distance. A sign that his coming closer it Fakuma that the electricity is lost in large parts of days. We can be without electricity for several hours each day and it is then that it is ongoing fierce fighting nearby.

Most People here hoping for a united Donbas dependent on the Ukraine and Russia. Initially I was not a fan of separating Donbas from Ukraine. But such things have evolved both in the areas of Donbas is separatist controlled and Ukrainian areas hatred between Ukrainians and Russians have become so large that it is unlikely with a peaceful and collected Ukraine. Here in my town that has been controlled by Ukraine since June wish most people now that we are part of the separatist-controlled area. Why? Because people here will have a total Donbas dependent on the Ukraine as most here see as criminal in this conflict. The former would be a part of Ukraine has turned in its conception. A total Ukraine will be a country split in hatred. It can not possibly neither Ukrainians or Russians be served by. It may well be that people in Norway or in Western Ukraine do not see the change that has happened here. It may also well be that one of the reasons is propaganda. But one reason is that people feel betrayed. I can speak for my own city. Humanitarian aid ports on store shelves and are expensive, wages and pensions from the state is reduced. In my town there are enough well so much the lack of food, money and feel of having been betrayed that makes people have changed perception.

My plan to get a peaceful resolution I have thought through and come here:

1. Elections are held in every city in the Donbas with the question do you want your city to be Ukrainian or belong to the new country?

2. This choice must be respected by all parties and be monitored by international observers. It is important that all parties can come with free information to the election.

3. The results that emerge for the different areas must be respected.

4. Those residents who want to move because of the result can do it. Assets can either freely bring in or sell it.

5. All parties guarantee to respect the limits, the result of such a choice.

6. Both countries both Ukraine and Donbas guarantees that the minority in these countries are not violated.

7. It initiated an international investigation to expose war crimes committed during the war. All parties must be involved in such an investigation. Those individuals who have stood behind such violations must be punished according to international law.

8. It created an international peacekeeping force to monitor the peace in the area. This must consist of repesentanter all parties can accept. Russia and NATO countries is therefore excluded. Belarus, Sweden, Finland may be options. This peacekeeping force should not be there more than one year.

9. Ukraine pays back what they owe in pensions and salaries to the people.

10. Russia pays Ukraine war compensation for the damage they have inflicted country. Negotiations on this should happen after a peace agreement and a peace treaty should not be divested of these negotiations.

I’m no politician. Only a woman with relatively high education that attempts to put into words the things I feel and think. That said, people perception has changed here. The last thing I want is a Ukraine with inner turmoil for many years to come. I want a peace and only opportunity on reel peace is to accept a thing. Donbas is lost to Ukraine.