Peace in Donbas

Peace in Ukraine

Peace in Ukraine

Then it finally signed an agreement that will ensure peace and quiet to Donbas. After that I understand the boundaries that are now apply. That Rubizhne which is my city continue to be Ukrainian as before, while the areas that separatist checks should get some form of autonomy. The main thing for all people here is that there be an end to killings and human suffering.

Now is my hope that we soon get humanitarian assistance here. To the extent that there have been some humanitarian aid has this not come up with the locals. There are about 7,000 refugees from other places in the Donbas here. If these have received some humanitarian aid I do not know, but I hope fervently that they have. At least I hope that moves from my cell phone constantly coming is stopped. Pull to provide humanitarian aid is okay. But for me who lives here should I rather got help and not paid for something we have not got. I and most others I’ve talked to have never accepted these traits from our mobile phones, but no one dares to speak out in fear.

A totally different thing about this ceasefire is respected. Both parties have violated ceasefire from September and there is great danger of this happening again.

If the peace agreement really keeps it will be important for the world and not forgetting Ukraine. The country is not able to fend for themselves, but need large amounts of financial aid. This is using both to build Donbas and to get as much funds that Ukraine can again begin to function as a normal country. A major problem for the whole Ukraine payments. People do not pay bills because they can not afford it, this leads to that companies do not get money and which enables many companies are in arrears with pay. War may be over, but the crisis continues. I’m afraid the world forgets Ukraine when newspapers and television go home because they can not write about war, murder and a tense situation between east and west.

We who live here can hope. We can raise wineglass and toast gently for peace tonight, a wine glass we must have with water. Few will buy wine when we can not afford dinner. Faith in the future we have.