People talking about

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At work, at home and where we might otherwise walk in the street in Kharkov or other cities in Ukraine, we hear people talk. It is spoken economy, corruption and war. There are many rumors and sometimes even the simplest story get new content.

I shall reproduce any of this and start with what my girlfriend Lesya told. She came home from her work and could tell me that many who had lost their husband or son in the war did not see the body afterwards. According to her and those she worked with was the reason that hospitals surely selling organs to make money. Therefore, could not the family get to see the bodies afterwards.

I said to her, «My dear, a soldier who is killed in the war is often not something nice to look at. Would you set me into pieces or without half of my body?

Many women talk about drunken soldiers at the front. According to what is said, women are raped. «Soldiers must protect us.» they say. They also say that the soldiers are actually women’s big fear.

Vodka is sort of a part of the culture in Ukraine. Many people drink too much. I’m not a woman, but can well imagine that violence against women are committed by the combination drunken soldiers and men who go from a life without work to be in the front line. Perhaps some men feel the power in such a situation. Violence against women is not acceptable. The soldiers will protect the people of Ukraine, not be an internal threat.

One of the major banks in Ukraine got big problems some time ago. Eventually the bank nationalize announced so avoid bankruptcy was to be avoided. This was the talk of Ukraine. Many thought that the state entered because the state would drain the old owners for money, while some believed that the state went in because someone in government would drain money from the bank for their own use. Many also the obvious truth. If the bank went bankrupt would have serious consequences for the Ukrainians who have savings in the bank and companies using bank. The bank had to be rescued in the same way as banks abroad are saved at similar events.

I’m telling all this because it tells a little about what people are talking about and how little faith people have in the system. This may tell you also something about the problem of corruption. Imagine what these talked about. The Bank was drained of money and the dead soldiers’ bodies were sold. The most severe of this tells is that people do not trust the people in power. They do not trust doctors, the government or the soldiers who rape. Individually these stories certainly seen as rumors and speculation. But here is a little confidence to the system.

It’s the little confidence in the system which is Ukraine’s biggest challenge. That people do not particularly trust is natural. Viktor Yanukovych, President before the revolution in 2014 built up large private fortune and lived a life of great palaces. Unfortunately, Viktor Yanukovych not only example of politicians who use their positions to enrich themselves. Gradually must trust be regained. court System, revision and reform that benefits the income needed. The road has been started, but it’s a long way to the end.