Prices of food

I will talk about the biggest problem our. It is the price of food. It is so expensive that it is very difficult for us.

Several foods have risen greatly in price. The price of bread has risen by 20% in a country that produces much grain. Today I bought chicken mince. A year ago, it cost 30 hryvnia, now 46 hryvnia ie it increased by 50%, sausages has increased by 40 percent in a year. I could continue this list all foods have become much more expensive over the last year.

Why everything rising so much I do not know. Actually it does not matter to me what the cause is. Maybe it’s because the dollar has risen, I do not know. The income of many of Ukraine‘s also gotten worse. The payments to social security is frozen and it does that very many have major problems.

Some are so lucky that they know someone who has vegetables. It helps a lot. Although I go out to pick mushrooms. My income is very small, especially after the insurance I got from my late husband was Forss. I teach students in painting. Revenues from there is also less because parents do not have money to pay. Some students I though parents payd for my teaching. That’s okay, we must help each other.

One thing I think of is aid from abroad. Why we do not see anything to help? In my town I have not heard of anyone who has received food assistance. I have heard and read that many countries give money to Ukraine, but where they are I do not know. Food to the people they are certainly not used to. Ukraine does not need money, we need food.

Actually, this is like begging. I feel it hurts when Ukraine is so poor that we need help. But so it is. I’m ashamed. Petro Petro Petro Porosjenkosjenkoshenko doing the best he can, as does Arsenij Arsenij Jatsenjukjukjuk and all other politicians. The problem is that the tasks are so large for Ukraine and while some are trying to help the people have pain.

If the world gives Ukraine the money or loan our money disappears. As you may know there is corruption in our country. Giving money is like giving something that disappears. To borrow money to Ukraine‘s like borrowing money that never gets paid back.

We need food, not money. We need help, not Words.