Russian influence in Donbas

Russia or Ukraine

The areas in the Donbas controlled by the Sepratists are moving increasingly from Ukraine. It’s easy to see. Russian money is used. Russian is the language they use at the schools. It can be seen Russian TV, Ukrainian TV should be blocked. Most aid organizations are Russian. The food in the stores is Russian. Recently Ukraine closed the electricity to Lugansk, with the result that it is now being delivered from Russia.

It is sad that it should be such. But what should Ukraine do? As long as Russia supports the rebels with weapons and soldiers, development will continue. But there is really no hope that Russia will stop its support or maybe it’s more right to say the war in Ukraine. As I consider it, little hope is that Russia will change its policy as long as Putin controls the country. In fact, there must be a completely different regime for change. Putin will win the election next year and after Putin comes a replacement, which is probably a copy. This will continue until the people of Russia themselves carry out a revolution. It is 100 years since the Revolution, but not 100 years to the next.

The question is if I ever experience a united Ukraine again. Hope is there, but for every day it becomes more difficult. To see that a part of Ukraine is becoming more and more Russian is not easy, but probably part of Russia’s strategy. Crimea is even more difficult for Ukraine. Most in Ukraine never think they will experience a blue and yellow Ukrainian flag in the Crimea again. The big uncertainty is even if Russia is concerned with the areas they have taken now. The answer will not get Ukraine before it may be too late.

Ukraine, Crimea and Syria. Can we see the conflicts in context? May we see the Donbas and Crimea in context and is Syria a conflict beyond these? Maybe Donbas is used in a game to get international acceptance for the Crimean Detection? Perhaps Syria is used in an international horse trade where Russia’s real goal is acceptance of Russia’s war in Ukraine?

My concern is that children who grow up in the Russian controlled areas learn to hate Ukraine. An impact they get through kindergarten, school, tv and various selections. The war has been for 3 years now. Those who are 5 years now, were 2 years old when the war began. A slow but proven strategy to slowly remove these areas from Ukraine. Time is running away.