Russian or Ukraine

It our New Year. The 14 January is New Year for us. My New Year’s wish is that this war soon end.

Here in my town called Rubizhne are no matches. But sometimes we hear bangs from ateleri a distance. Soldiers, we also see sometimes, ATO soldiers from Ukraine and from other countries. Yes, some say it’s mercenaries others say there are soldiers from the United States, Sweden and other Western countries. What I know is that not all are Ukrainians. For some weeks ago so I also large amounts of new tanks that came and were transported toward the front. So if anyone thinks this is a civil war in Ukraine, is faulty. Ukraine is a pawn in a larger game.

I said in my first blog that I wished Donbas became part of Ukraine. It would I still but are not sure if there is a real solution now. I will explain a little what I mean and to understand this ought ye been Russians way I am.

Ukraine has been a country where there have been some divisions between the different parts of the country. I say that I’m Russian. My grandfather and grandmother were Russians and settled here. Being Russian is really what you feel like. I feel that Russian because my ancestors came here from Russia and because we are culturally affiliated Russia. But my desire was that Donbas should be a part of Ukraine. My wish was that Ukraine could have all ethnic groups.

I said that Ukraine is a divided society. I can tell how many who live here feel it. Most here describes himself as Russians, speaks Russian and is in many ways Russians living in another country. What many of us have felt is that some in Western Ukraine sees us as some inferior. Yes, many here work in factories and mines. It feel we have been seen as inferior in west Ukraine. Worse farther west we come. My impression is that many in the west Ukraine looks on our men as someone who drinks vodka and miss all the wives. There are certainly such men here too, but no more of such men here than in the rest of the country.

However, although these divisions have been and are present I had hoped that my region could remain part of Ukraine. But the rift spring 2014 touched something essential among Russians. Most Russians are skeptical of western europe. This has the experience through several hundred years to do. Napoleon tried to take Russia, Nazis the same. Most Russians are skeptical of western europe for historical reasons. Under 2 World War conditions in Russia and especially in Ukraine horrific. The Nazis did so terrible things here that words are small and forgiveness can not be given. Many argue that the Nazis were assisted by many in Western Ukraine. Whether this I do not know, but it’s perception of most Russians.

Then ask the question what really happened in the spring of 2014. As I said, most Russians wary of western europe and USA. Western Ukraine would cooperate with the EU, which is unimaginable for most Russians. Putin has previously said he would grooves constructed all Russians in other countries wherever it is. Crime was the part of Ukraine with most Russians. We can say that Crimea was part of Ukraine on despite that Russians were in a clear majority. Crime was essentially Russia, not officially but mentealt. When Putin saw the danger of the Crimea could become part of the EU reacted Russia immediately. Remember also that military base that Russia has in the Crimea was the only in the Black Sea. Most Russians anarchists never that Crimea should be part of Ukraine

Donbas was the next place. Unfortunately we got a fierce war that has cost thousands of lives also civilians. A few people came from Russia and started the uprising in Donbas. It seems quite clear to me. It was not started locally here. But those who started the rebellion here had support. Otherwise they would not have managed to implement it. It was and it is still great support among many in the Russian part of the population. They are tired of being looked down upon by the rest of Ukraine and are afraid of western europe. If you believe that the uprising in Donbas not support among the population so you’re wrong. There is great support.

That said, I would like to continue with Donbas as part of Ukraine. I feel that Russian and slightly Ukraine. Most people here do not want to be a part of Russia, but to form a separate country. A country can decide for themselves and not be forced on something neither of Kyiv or Moscow. How it has evolved in the summer and autumn, it is perhaps even greater distance between the population here and the rest of Ukraine. Maybe it’s just a way for everyone. The way out is to let Donbas become a separate country. I can not imagine that Ukraine and Donbas can work together after this. It was difficult in the past and it‘s going to be even harder to continue.

Continuation may be letting Donbas become a separate country. A country that decides and who have a relationship with those countries that want to have a relationship with Donbas. Perhaps it is so that such a distinction between Ukraine and Donbas is best for all parties? It may even be possible that Donbas and Ukraine can develop good neighborly relations to each other about 50 years. But so long will it take before the wounds are healed.