Summer and optimism

It is long time since I have written in this blog. I’ve often thought about writing some words, but there has been little writing lately.

Since I last wrote, life here in Rubezhnoe become more normal again. People begin to regain faith in life. It’s been quiet here for a long time really. So quiet that me and my son of 6 years are going to travel to a small village in a few days to get a little vacation together. We were also in this village in the summer and beyond in September, but then to get away from the fighting going on around our city Rubezhnoe. Now we’re going back, but this time to enjoy ourselves. We’ve got summer here. It’s nice and warm summer weather. But for me living in 9th floor in a block without air cooling becomes hot. Sometimes so hot that we must be outdoors almost all summer. It’s hot now, so it will be nice to get to the village without large windows in the 9th floor.

This small resort is the first of several vacations that I will have in the future. I am a grown woman and the first time I travel to western europe. I’ve been outside Ukraine sometimes. When I traveled to Moscow and St. Petersburg. I am invited to Amsterdam this summer to show off some of my drawings. I pass, I gotta get me a visa, this status is in order. For me it is very great to come to Amsterdam. I’m the draw. I shall see Amsterdam. I’m going to be there a few days to see museums there. Van Gogh and Rembrandt museum will be mine visit. Van Gogh was an artist who is very reminiscent of Norway’s greatest painter Munch. I know that everything is expensive in the West, but I get the trip and stay covered.

As you probably understand it goes better with the part of Ukraine that I live in now. We notice little war. Things start to get a bit more as before. Something will not be like before the war. Prices are very risen and we have a poorer economy. Everything has become very expensive and we must think about before we buy something. I also wrote in a previous blog that the people here have been more divided under this war. So it is enough. Many say they will never travel to Kyiv ever. Others say they want to move to Russia while some are happy that our city is again under Ukraine. As I wrote in this blog, the people here are split and it will take a long time before all is forgotten.

Actually, I think it important for Donbas is that people here feel good. This whole area had tears during the war. We have cried, been distressed and been angry. A war that has claimed many thousands of lives and has made wives lonely and children without fathers. That civilians are killed is probably the worst. Imagine all together. A war because someone would do Donetsk and Lugansk to own land. So it is not any of this. The result was as many thousands killed, roads, houses and airports that are completely bombed to pieces and people who previously lived peacefully side by side are now split.

Our only get a final end to the war, initiate to build up the area again and reconcile us. Something positive at war? In fact, the structure requires so much that people are finding work. In fact it is a good beginning.