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Help us

My Norwegian friends. Since I wrote here last fighting has come closer. We are not directly affected, but we feel that it is a matter of time before our city again being hit by bombs and gunfire. But once again it is the people I want to write about. We who live here and experience …

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Russian or Ukraine

It our New Year. The 14 January is New Year for us. My New Year’s wish is that this war soon end. Here in my town called Rubizhne are no matches. But sometimes we hear bangs from ateleri a distance. Soldiers, we also see sometimes, ATO soldiers from Ukraine and from other countries. Yes, some …

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Children in war

On Tuesday was my youngest son 6 years. We celebrated his birthday by my sister came to visit and brought gifts to him. My sister also had a bottle of wine that we adults drank while we talked about everything as only women can do. Some of what we talked about was the kids who …

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