Tunnel of love

Tunnel of love

In the next month I’m going to marry Lesya. Why I write about this on the blog I’ll explain a little.

I actually comes from Rivne in Western Ukraine, but has lived and worked for a time in Khrakov in east Ukraine. There I met Lesya. In October we were both visiting my family in Rivne. I had planned what to do for quite a while in advance. One day when we were in Rivne I took Lesya with traveling to a small village located just outside Rivne. The village called Klevan. This is a small village with 6-7000 inhabitants. But this little place is known for one thing. A tunnel that is formed of trees along a railway. The trees have grown together and have formed a kind of tunnel. The light coming through the trees and the leaves in the trees forming a special light. Same what season it is, forms the combination of light and leaves a special felt. In winter, the snow just as beautiful as green leaves, it is special there. It runs a few trains on this railway, but through the tunnel which is about 4 km long run not train quickly. It is therefore not dangerous to go there.

This tunnel is called for «tunnel of love». Some go there after they were married. To go through the tunnel then according to superstition mean a happy marriage. Other go there to make a marriage proposal. That’s why I brought Lesya there. It was there in the tunnel that I ask her and she gives her yes back. I think that all such moments are special for those it covers. For us, we’re never going to forget this autumn day with the beautiful light through the trees in the tunnel.
Today the tunnel of love well-known and an increasing number of couples in love taking a trip there. We see more and more from abroad as well as heading to Klevan. If you are reading this and planning a little unconventional but romantic journey to your wedding or planning a marriage proposal to your loved one so I can recommend Ukraine and Rivne. You travel first to Kyiv our great capital. From Kyiv to Rivne take the train or drive yourself. Another possibility is of course to add a visit to Lviv too, a city that is exceptionally beautiful.
Welcome to the Western Ukraine and the Tunnel of Love.