Young and love

Sometimes it is to talk with neighbors to get a new experience. Yesterday I was in there with my neighbor to drink tea. We would often drink tea together in the past, but the past year has somehow this tradition disappeared.

As usual when two ladies meet, we talk about a lot of different topics. But what was the biggest news was that the daughter in the house of my neighbor had gone to Kyiv to meet a boy from Belgium. Daughter is about 23 years old and at that age there are many who dream about getting a new life outside Ukraine. They would meet in Kyiv because he would not travel to this part of the country. I think also that it is more fun for a couple to meet a love encounter another place than where she lives.
Today I thought of her daughter who has found a boyfriend from Belgium. I have thought of all the young people who will travel and many have already done so. Maybe you know that most of Ukraine have not been abroad so often. Some have been in Russia and perhaps in Belarus, but western europe has not been so many. The reason is that it is too expensive for us. Not willingness or dream. The we have, but our income is so small that it becomes very expensive for most off us. When an airline ticket to Germany cost nearly one month’s salary for us so it goes without saying that we can not afford.

This was what I was thinking. A simple question I asked myself. Why is it so? Why is it that most of Ukraine and Russia earn little, and very few earn very much? I do not know if it is right to think so. But I think the way and try to think about why this is so. I got a small suspicion that those who govern do not want us to see other parts of the world. They do not want that those who have little shall see how it really is in Belgium or Norway. Whether they be afraid that we will see how it really is with you I do not know. But the thought hit me. Those who have much here in Ukraine has it very well financially. They can travel. The rest of us can not afford and many dream of experiencing the world. We are not refused to travel to see other countries formally. But when we can not afford and most never going to get advice as we are in practice refused to travel.

I also thought that love is without limits. I thought that if I was younger I might also try to find my husband overseas. Actually, I think there are many young people who see no future here, if they find love in Ukraine or in other countries is the same. Love is constant and can not be stopped by borders.

The only thing I hope is that they will not forget its culture. That they do not forget to make Borch and the kids get to experience being from two countries. I say good luck to anyone who travels to find love abroad.