workers in Zasyadko

workers in Zasyadko

Another big accident in one of the mines in Ukraine. This time Zasyadko. There have been several accidents in this mine several times. In 1987 over 100 people died after an accident in the mine.

Mining in Ukraine is prone to accidents. The work is dangerous and the owners do not take safety seriously. I know little of the laws of safety in the mines, but it is known that the work is dangerous and safety badly. Ukraine is a country where it is possible to pay away from it all. This also applies to laws about safety. But that said, I do not really know very little about these laws. What I know is what people here say.

Perhaps it may be so that such an accident can contribute something positive. Maybe it can help Ukraine and sepratistene Donetsk can cooperate on anything. Perhaps this could collaborated helped to make hatred and suspicion bit mindre.Hvis it gets so will actually crash actually contribute something. However, I am afraid that principles yesterday in front of reason. The principle that sepratistene shall demonstrate that they manage themselves without Kyiv’s help and Kyiv’s principle that sepratistene getting ready to go it alone. Shame because the people in the Donbas are used in a cynical game about principles.

Zasyadko located in Donetsk away from my city of Lugansk. However, it is somehow very close. My thoughts go to the families and work ashamed rates of those killed. My hope for a collaboration with the accident between sepratistene and Kyiv hope I heard. But principles are enough strong on both sides.

My hope is also that the accident will make safety in mines being improved. To pay out of safety is a crime.